Posted by: tourismvc | January 24, 2011

Location & Permission Based Marketing

Digi Marketing

I remember Dr. Ian Fenwick, a couple of years, who presented at a Canada e-Connect conference in Toronto on Digi Marketing.  During his presentation, he talked extensively on permission based marketing in which people must decide on the benefits of services offered before giving permission to the company on their location and private information.    He gave an example of a person walking in the mall and his/her phone rings indicating on the face of their phone,  there is  50% sale at this store.

One of the top 10 Social media trends for 2011 is Location based marketing in which people checked into a business for imformation on products, sales, promotions. etc. Location services will become more popular when people become comfortable with privacy and safety features blocking their location from the public. Hence the need for permission based marketing.

At Christmas time, I was exposed to a new app for my iphone – yellow pages in which provides closes business, provides directions,  map, business ad, contact info etc. This looks like a great app. for a tourism destination area.


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