Posted by: tourismvc | May 12, 2011

Not enough to be Better, you have to be Different

The title for this post is a phrase keynote speaker Toni Newman used extensively in her workshop during the Tourism Innovation NS Days held recently in Halifax. The other phrase of course was Why not ?? Toni challenged us to be different, and think outside the box. You soon realize this is not an easy task  ie. How to take an ordinary moment and make it into a magical moment.

The focus in tourism the past few years has been to train, educate and encourage the industry to offer unique experiences and memorable moments for our visitors. The industry has been exposed to the Explorer Quotient (EQ ) system to help us design experiences for the various type of explorers our visitors are.  Visitors also want the opportunity to engage with local residents. This new approach requires working with your staff, the industry and your community.

The Tourism Division of NS Economic, Rural Development & Tourism Dept. has an excellent publication – “Experience Nova Scotia : A  Toolkit , ”  to help the tourism industry develop these unique and different experiences for visitors. As well, NS Tourism offers a one day workshop to help the community and the tourism industry with the process of creating unique experiences.

So what is an example of something different and unique.  Kite surfing and Bugging on Conrad Beach, Nova Scotia. See the CTC video below.


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