Posted by: tourismvc | December 3, 2010

Changing Trends of Festivals & Events

Sponsorships, Event NS

Sponsorship Panel at Event NS Conference, Nov. 24-25, Port Hawkesbury, NS

Recently, I was able to attend the Events Nova Scotia in Port Hawkesbury and Victoria County’s Festival and Event Workshop at Gaelic College, St. Ann’s, and notice the amazing changes taking place in Festivals and Events. Many events are moving away from traditional marketing to online marketing, social media and online tools. An example of change is a radio station that can now offer an internet radio audience as well facebook fan page, twitter and can reach way more people than its radio station.

Events Nova Scotia  is helping communities with professional bids for events and will be launching soon their new tools to help organizers & planners with facilities, volunteers and my event planner.

The emergence & use of social media in festivals and events was evident in both the conference & workshop along with  the importance of online marketing. Online meetings caught the eye of many organizers at the workshop with the amount of travelling and time that could be saved. And last but not least festival evaluation and economic impact. A number of  festivals are using online surveys to assist them in their evaluation. Nova Scotia  Tourism will be rolling out it’s TEIM – tourism economic impact model in new year which assist festival and event organizers, businesses and the industry determine its economic impact.  Lots of great tools online coming for festivals and events to use in 2011.  What are you using to plan and implement your festival or event ?


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