Posted by: tourismvc | October 29, 2010

Edge of the Wedge Podcast – The Tough Questions

GMIST - Edge of the Wedge

At Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, the 23rd course of the Edge of the Wedge at GMIST,  is taking place this week, August 25-28, with participants from Atlantic Canada attending the 4 day experiental travel course with instructors Nancy Arsenault, Celes Delvar and Todd Lucier.

A question and answer session was held one day and four of the participants asked some tough questions to their instructors. Questions included a) the role of tourism information centres, print media in the future, internet and handheld devices,  b) How can experience providers be ready for the world of tourism in 5 years from now?, c) What are the first steps to take with helping an organization seeking to introduce experiental tourism for the first time ? and d) How can support organizations be more proactive in facilitating the development of their clients?

A podcast was done on the event and can be downloaded. Well worth listening to for the content and their answers. If you have a chance take this course in the fall.



  1. Hey Tom, we really love doing the podcast from Edge. We’re thinking this spring we might go live with video . . .
    The only thing we’ve been using to record these is an iPod. Hard to believe the quality in both the recording and the questions.
    Wow, folks in Atlantic Canada ask some great questions. Thanks for telling folks about it.

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