Posted by: tourismvc | June 8, 2010

Tourism Australia leads with “There is nothing like Australia”

Tourism  Australia has launched a new campaign based on experiences from fellow Australians. Australians were asked to share their photos and stories on their special  places and why visitors should come to visit this unique country.. Tourism Australia has been a leader in developing the Australian Experiences Industry  Toolkit  – Volume 1 – Adding Value to your Business (2007) and Volume 2 – Boosting your Bottomline ( 2008), so this campaign is important next step.

These experiences were shared on the new campaign website – “Nothing Like Australia”  to help visitors with trip planning.  How many experiences ?  29, 031 expeiences. I was a bit nervous when it said it was still loading….but it loaded quite fast…The new website uses google maps and flash very effectively ….but strangely the campaign does not include social media. 

I had also wished the “Nothing Like Australia ” website would have included more videos like CTC’s site –  It does have one video – their TV commerical – see below.   The new campaign was launched May 31, 2010.



  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for sharing this interesting campaign with us. I was also wondering, why social media wasn’t integrated into the campaign – there wouldn’t have been much more costs but the reach could have been doubled or increased even much more…

    This especially matters du to fb connect and similar possiblities.

    Best regards,

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