Posted by: tourismvc | May 20, 2010

Experience Nova Scotia – PD Day & Toolkit

Cam, our Instructor, Concordia

Nova Scotia 2010 Product Development Day at Oak Island was all about experiences.  The first session involved the audience splitting into four groups.  A hands on experience followed involving  sessions with ropes, making crafts, making chocolates and music – singing a song.  I was in the group with ropes who made a key chain with a cross knot.  The real surprise was our instructor, CAM, who was on the Concordia Tall Ship when it sank.  After we completed task of making a key chain, Cam told us of her experience – when the ship sanked,  getting on lifeboats, the rescue and talking to her parents. She was incredible and amazing storyteller for 16 years old and had us in suspense the whole time. A very touching story for many of us with some shedding a few tears of the whole ordeal… 

Experience Nova Scotia- A Toolkit

The Experience Nova Scotia – A Toolkit was launched on NS Product Development Day. This toolkit is a practical resource for the travel industry in helping them put together unique and new experiences for our visitors. The publication is broken down into seven sections with eight worksheets. The sections include 1)What’s the situation ?, 2) Who wants a Nova Scotia experience?, 3) Living the Brand, 4) Assessing your experience opportunities, 5) Developing experiences, 6) Tools of Engagement, and 7) Evaluation. 

Other presentations that day included a) Experience PEI – Bill Kendrick,  b) Effective Promotional Writing – Margaret MacQuarrie, c) Maximizing – Michelle Sears,  and d) Media Communications 101 by Pam Wamback. 

 Below are some pictures of this special day of experiences.  


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