Posted by: tourismvc | March 29, 2010

Videos, Maps & Mobile

Remember Video, Maps and Mobile, many consider them as the key for the travel industry to focus on in 2010 and beyond including PhoCusWright. You tube is now the number 2 search engine in the world (Social Media Revolution video) .

Rob Hughes, Manager E-Strategies, Brewster

Rob Hughes, Manager of  E-Strategies, Brewster, in his presentation Vacations Canada.TV – A Strategic Canadian Business Case, at Canada E-Connect conference in 2009 provided some very interesting stats on the growth of video. Other stats include 150-200,000 videos uploaded daily on youtube, over 100,000,000 million a year (ORC 2009 & Social Media Revolution videos) .

Maps continue to show their importance on websites, search engines, GPS units and smart phones. Maps continue to rank high in the search engines and most are on the 1st page.  Google is hinting hotel rates on maps soon.

And finally mobile phones have taken over as the most connected internet device in the world. Is your website mobile compatible? Does your business or organization have applications available for smart phones ?

Below is a short video of an interview by PhoCusWright with Rob Torres, Managing Director, Travel, Google.


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