Posted by: tourismvc | February 12, 2010

2010 Canada E-Connect Conference Highlights

Here are my highlights and takeaways from 2010 Canada e-Connect Conference recently held in Montreal, Quebec.

  1. Tourisme Montreal continues to lead DMO’s with 100% Online Marketing and learning along the way. They have 5 bloggers writing stories, doing videos for the city providing the local buzz on things happening in Montreal. One of their bloggers, Tamy was at the conference.
  2. is a great example of a social community and getting user generated comment. Thanks Maria Ziv …
  3. The travel bloggers session was amazing…thanks to Shannon Hurst Lane, Kim Mance and Wendy Perrin…blogging is back in the forefront again.
  4. Vicky Brock famous quote now – “Strategy without metrics is merely wishes, Metrics without a strategy is meaningless”.
  5. CTC’s Social Media Experience and results – Lesley Braby – http://www.localsknow.ca,

Other highlights included hearing Philip Wolf, PhoCusWright,  luncheon presentation, and Hotelier 2.0 panel session. The presentations of this conference can be viewed at Canada e-Connect Conference website.


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