Posted by: tourismvc | February 8, 2010

Geoff Ramsay, eMarketer, shines at the opening of ORC2010

Geoff Ramsay, CEO, e-Marketer at ORC 2010 Conference, Montreal, Que.

Geoff Ramsay, CEO, e-Marketer, did not disappoint as keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Online Revealed Canada Conference at Delta Centre Ville Hotel in Montreal, Quebec. It was an action packed presentation with 67 slides and access to over 4,000 sources of information. Delegates were treated to the latest canadian stats & trends with online marketing,  media spending, search and display ads…

His presentation focused on the 7 steps to achieving success with Online Travel Marketing – 1) Keep doing search, 2) Don’t ignore the power of branding online, 3) engender trust, 4)  get social, 5) engage with online video, 6) go mobile and 7) capture intentions and mentions.

Mr. Ramsay also provided in his presentation – the 10 Best Practices for Social Media  – 1) Think Social marketing not media, 2) Know your objectives, 3) leverage trust, 4) Listening comes first, 5)  Join the conversation and add value, 6) Be authentic, humble and transparent, 7) Recruit from your core, 8) target the influentials, 9) adopt a long term, real time approach and 10) integrate with other communications.


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