Posted by: tourismvc | December 6, 2009

Tourism Online Marketing Trends

Recently, Victoria County Recreation & Tourism Dept., Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, hosted Ms. Patricia Brusha, A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing for a Tourism Online Marketing Workshop – A Guide to Success on the Web.  Participants were exposed to the latest trends and issues in online marketing. E-Marketer indicates in 2008 study that 49% of all Internet users in US spending time on search engines along with 13% on social media sites.

One of the online trends is the acceptance of listening to friends and family on social networks as facebook, you tube along with reviews from travel sites such as tripadvisor. Eye for Travel indicate that 72% have been influences by other consumer reviews and 63.8 occasionaly use UGC in their buying cycle. Travellers believe more in reviews and family & friends they do with marketers.

Eye for Travel ‘s European Online Travel Report -3rd edition indicates online travel market continues to grow at 10% while offline market decrease by 5-6% annually.

Below are some pictures of the Tourism Online Marketing Workshop held at Great Hall of Clans, Gaelic College, St. Ann’s, in Victoria County.  All delegates received a copy of the Online Marketing Revealed publication – A  Couple of Chicks Guide to Optimizing Your Presence on the Web.


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