Posted by: tourismvc | August 1, 2009

Online Marketing Increasing But Where to Invest

Forrester Research recently released it’s report -“US Interactive Advertising Forecast” and predicts that online marketing will increase by 17% over next 5 years.  No great surprise in the Travel Industry where online marketing has grown in leaps and pounds. Google’s research indicates travellers take 6-7 weeks to search, 78% of transactions involves search and 75% are searching before booking online. 

But the comment I like by Alicia Whalen, a Couple of Chicks E-Marketing is where online is the best place to focus your dollars. The growing importance of social media (87% of Canadians belong to one social network) as well the mobile phone/PTA opens your eyes especially when 2020 the mobile will be the most connected device on the internet.

So where do we move forward…by measuring and tracking your online marketing strategy. Find out where you customer is seeing your online presence and your referring sites.  Move slowly into social media and start looking at developing your website for mobile phones. Continue to use Adwords or PPC,  e-mail marketing and Display advertising.

 Below is an excellent video – “The World We Live In” developed by 180 marketing for the 4th Annual Online Revealed Canada Conference that provides an overiew of where online marketing is going in the future. 



  1. Tom, just thought I’d add some comments about some of the vehicles we’re using for clients. PPC is still working very well, but I see some companies showing up in the paid results AND the organic results for the same phrase. Seems like overkill to me and we recommend that clients only use PPC for a bit broader terms where it’s tougher to rank high organically.

    We’ve been using Facebook pages and advertising for a while now and having some great results as another means of getting the word out. However, I believe as more organizations set up Facebook pages, the Long Tail will kick in and people will be more discerning about which page they will become a fan of. But that’s a good thing…there may be less people as fans, but the ones who are there will likely be more passionate about the organization.

    For me, the jury is still out on Twitter as a marketing tool. We’re using it for one client, but to be honest, the critical mass isn’t yet there to warrant the investment in time. What we are going to test with our new blog for ICON ( is feeding the blog posts through Twitter. Some Twitter gurus frown on this, but I don’t think they hold the market on proper etiquette for the tool. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

    Targeted display ads can work, but I’d recommend ensuring they are definitely reaching your target audience before making this investment.

    At the end of the day, my main recommendation is to spend a few bucks to hire an established SEO expert to get your site fine-tuned for your market. We’ve been working with AlphaSearch in Halifax, NS and they’re great, but I’d also recommend A Couple of Chicks. This will almost certainly be the best bang for the marketing buck.

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