Posted by: tourismvc | July 21, 2009

Social Media – Delegate, UGC & Time Management

One of the most important lessons I have learned about social media is to delegate. You need to spread things out so more hands and people are helping you. Involve your team and assign them tasks and responsibility.  Otherwise you will get burned out quickly and turned off by social media.  

User Generated Content (UGC) – Lets look at some great examples where content is user generated  – 1) Blogging – here are a few examples – a)  CTC – Locals – a blog where locals provide content on attractions and events, b) Share a Nova Scotia Favorite – people write about their experiences and c)  Tourism Cafe Blog – where three collegues share their thoughts on various topics, 2) Videos – Create a contest and have people submit content – a good example is iLove Nova Scotia contest,  3) Photos – create a group category in Flickr and have people submit photos on events & activities, ie. Camping UK ,  4) Create a group page in facebook  – ie . Hike the Highlands Festival and asked people to submit photos, videos and content. 

Some other important lessons I learned about social media – write less,  be discplined with your time management skills – stick to a schedule and don’t let it take you over.  In concluding, by delegating and involving  your team, offering opportunites for user generated content and good time management skills, social media can be made to be manageable.


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