Posted by: tourismvc | June 15, 2009

Social Media Workshops Popular


Savior Joesph, Colour

Savior Joesph, Colour

The Nova Scotia Tourism social media workshops are a hit and attracting large audiences throughout Nova Scotia. Close to fifty people attended the workshop in Sydney recently. Savior Joesph and Cythnia Bragg from Colour, were the presenters during this three hour workshop. The workshop was divided into three parts – Introduction to Social media, Leveraging Social media and NS Tourism social media campaign.

As Terri McCulloch correctly states, “Plan your Strategy first before using Technology. ”  Once your strategy is developed, determine the tools you need to implement it. Todd Lucier, Tourism Keys, states summer students are great resources to help you implement your online and social media strategy. They use this technology all the time and are comfortable with it..  Make sure your train them on your Brand,  your marketing messages and what you want to accomplish with your social media strategy.

Nova Scotia tourism online marketing campaign for 2009 includes social media. They are using twitter, facebook, flickr, vignettes, and blogs. They have Radian 6, a leading social media company, to monitor their brand & social media strategy and  to find out what visitors are saying about Nova Scotia.  Kudos for NS Tourism for helping the tourism industry understand what social media is all about and the excellent job Savior and Cynthia from Colour – Creative Persuasion, did presenting at these workshops.



  1. Thanks Tom for sharing our work. Might I say you are also doing a wonderful job using social media and teaching people about it.

    Terri is right, planning your strategy first is wise. It is often recommended that your website and product are both well developed before engaging in social media. The first thing that people will want to do is check you out on your website. After that, it’s all about determining where your visitors live. Nova Scotia has a great community of active participants on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Trip Advisor. It’s all about sharing our wonderful province.

    Thanks again Tom!

    aka CynatNovaScotia

  2. Hey Tom:

    Thanks for the post. It was a great session. Lots of interest and passion. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Keep making it happen 🙂



  3. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for mentioning NS Tourism’s use of Radian6. We’re pleased to have them aboard, and love the notion of using social media to enhance the tourism industry in Canada.

    Amber Naslund
    Director of Community, Radian6

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