Posted by: tourismvc | May 25, 2009

Cabot Trail Relay Run – The Race of a Lifetime

The 22nd Annual Cabot Trail Relay Run that took place recently May 23-24 was certainly a Race of a Lifetime for two runners, Mark Campbell and Jamie Isenor of the Brigadoon Honey Badgers team.  This team with two runners ran the 17 stage race between themselves. No other team has ever done this before.

Mark Campbell ran 9 legs of the 17 stage relay race totalling 144.54 kms and amazing did 5 consecutive legs totalling 82.24 km. His partner Jamie Isenor ran 8 legs and did three consecutive legs.  What amazing athletes…. They finished 57th out of 70 teams but most teams have 17 runners.

The Cabot Trail Relay Run opens the tourism season here in Inverness and Victoria Counties, Cape Breton Island. Almost 1200 runners competed in this event and that does not include support team members, race officals and friends. Thanks to all the organizers, tourism operators and runners for making this year’s Cabot Trail Relay Run so special. Kudos to Mark Campbell and Jamie Isenor, two amazing runners.

Below is a video of the Cabot Trail Relay Run by one of the teams – Totally 80’s that competed in 2008 as well in this year’s run.


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