Posted by: tourismvc | April 26, 2009

Inspiration for Video on Your Destination Website

Over 100 Million from around the world watched Susan Boyle preform on Britains Got Talent 2009 Show on youtube in three weeks, one video had over 45 million viewers….. Canadians watch the most online video with 3.1. billion online videos in February 2009,  the average canadian spending 10 hours online during the month. Google reports that 22% of Canadian travellers watch travel related videos when planning and researching their trip. 

The benefits of video were clearly presented by Rob Hughes, Director of E-Strategies at Brewster at Canada e-Connect Conference in January, 2009  where he highlighted a video on the Town of Jasper and Icefields Parkway Tour.   The opening video at Online Revealed Conference – “The World We Live IN”, produced by 180Marketing, had some amazing stats on video stating “if Content is King, Video is King Kong”   On a slow day 150,000-200,000 videos are uploaded to youtube , that is 73 million a year, 1.2 million are tagged as travel related, 80% are USC – user generated content, 5.6 billion videos streamed in November 2008 – 85 million unique visitors ,  70% growth in 2008 from people 35 and over, 64% of all users is 35 and over. 

A good example of a video produced for a destination area is “Not Since Moses Race” at Five Islands, Nova Scotia. This video was produced by Terri McCulloch, Bay of Fundy Travel Show. It had over 8000 people view the video to date.   



  1. Hi Tom – thanks for the video mention. This pilot episode done on the video setting of my still camera and edited with free software by my teenaged son – it’s that easy!!

    Twenty more episodes of Bay of Fundy Travel Show planned for 09-10. Fun !

  2. Video enhances the message,
    Interactive Video engages the viewer, and
    Clickable Analytics proves the result
    Customers are seeing, on average, over 22% CTRs

  3. What a great article regarding the use of Video in advertising. We have taken this on in introducing a new unique Tourist Internet Platform for Victoria Australia so that not only small business can compete on the world stage but every Tourist Operator. With great acceptance we have already over 150 tourist venues join us in this cost affective advertising. Now why did Google pay 1.65 Billion for YOUTUBE???

  4. Great blog post on the power of video to market destinations and the democratization of travel marketing. Terri’s video shows how everyone can and is now the intermediary. The role of the DMO is changing fast – more an orchestrator/facilitator, don’t you think?

    PS can I suggest a “name the face in the rock” competition…..have a closer at about 1.47-1.50 mins into Terri’s movie….

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