Posted by: tourismvc | April 19, 2009

Twitter and Social Media Rocks at ORC’09

Stephen Joyce - Panelist, "The Real Story on Twitter"

Stephen Joyce - Panelist, "The Real Story on Twitter"

Canada’s top Tourism Online Marketing Conference – Online Revealed ’09, provided a number of surprises in its 4th Annual conference, April 13-15, in Niagara Falls, Ontario. What was hot in its Calgary ORC 08 Conference – the paper clip (trading) and blogging ( but still important) ,  was not in Niagara Falls ORC 09 but rather social media and Twitter. The 305 delegates from across North America enjoyed 35 of the top tourism and online marketing professionals presentations over the two days of the conference program as well a number of networking opportunities.     

There were many highlights including  the “Real Story on Twitter ” session the most popular workshop sessison of the conference with an all-star panel that made the session fun, interactive, and timely. Ms. Terri McCulloch, Manager of Bay of Fundy Tourism Partnership wisely said on Twitter,  put Strategy before Technology.  Twitter and Tweetdeck were popular applications at this year’s conference on the mobile and laptop. You can follow the ORC conference community at this link on twitter.    The conference blog provided posts before, during and after the conference.

Other popular sessions included Everything Google, Understanding analytics, keynote presentations, case study panel presentations, B2B marketplace, Maintaining your reputation Online in the Age of Web 2.0, DMO’s/PMO’s and CTC. Like all conferences, it is what you take back and implement that is so important. As well, network and followup with your new contacts. Ottawa Tourism are next year’s hosts of ORC2010 conference. What will be hot in 2010 is your quess ?



  1. Hi Tom – great to see you at Online Revealed. Nova Scotia was well-represented, I think!! You’ve got some excellent summaries of the conference here on your blog – it’s almost like being there. talk soon,

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