Posted by: tourismvc | April 5, 2009

Online Marketing Opportunities with

Nova Scotia Tourism Online Marketing Opportunities

Nova Scotia Tourism Online Marketing Opportunities

Nova Scotia tourism has a number of free and paid opportunities to help market your business online. Lets start with the free opportunities for tourism businesses listed with Nova Scotia tourism and in the Doers and Dreamers Guide – a) Photo gallery – you can have six photos in the gallery plus one for your main image,  b) by providing you civic address your business will be placed on a google map. c) if you have a  brochure you can submit a pdf of it and it will be placed on your page, d) Area overview – you can list three experiences that can done in your area or nearby and e) contests – by providing donations as prizes, your business will be given a link on the contest page of their business and attracts visitors to their business with the chance of upselling.

For paid opportunities – there are three options. Option 1 – packages, Option 2 – packages, RSS Feed and e-mail and Option 3 – all inclusive package of premium marketing tools. For more info visit section download componet criteria for more information on : Online advertising, packages, e-mail, homepage experience lures, itineraries, RSS feed, video.


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