Posted by: tourismvc | March 28, 2009

Social Media gets the Headlines

What an interesting week … I got the opportunity to discuss and work with two groups on Cape Breton Island with social media..  Both are including social media with their online marketing campaign. This is a first for them and I look forward to working with them on their exciting initiatives. They will be developing 1) a social media strategy, 2)  identifying tools they will be using ie. facebook, blogs, twitter, videos, podcast etc, 3) generating content and 4)  then tracking the results of the social media campaign

I remember Canada e-Connect 2009 when Tourism Montreal indicated 20% of their budget was social media and that it took 80% of their time to implement. It is definitely more time consuming but the pluses are 1) you are providing a personal touch, 2) communicating more with customers, 3) developing a relationship 4) you are providing more content and information 5) creating user generated content…

This week’s top articles in Technology News of the Victoria County Tourism Resource Centre  are social media.  The 4th annual Online Revealed Canada Conference coming up in 2 weeks, April 13-15,  features a number of sessions on social media such as a) Maintaining your reputation online in the age of Web 2.0, b) the real story on twitter, and c) Marketing with Social media.

Below is video from Perry Blecher on 2009 Social Media Predictions



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