Posted by: tourismvc | February 6, 2009

Google’s New Programs and the Importance of Video in Search

Are we ready ?

Are we ready ?

Google continues to stay at the forefront with new programs with the latest Google Earth 5.0 – Ocean and Google Latitude .  I was impressed with the videos of the ocean and details of Google earth 5.0 – Oceans.  However, I agree with the crticis and reviewers about Latitude…do we really want to give up more privacy….and tell people where we are at all times…..mmm I am not sure yet….


 It reminds me of Dr. Ian Fenwick presentation at 2009 Canada e-Connect  Conference – privacy vs personalization….. and DigiMarketing…..We have to decide what are the benefits and if outweighs the privacy. Drop by drop information……


I had mention in on e of my previous posts – Video rules at Canada e-Connect conference in Toronto Jan 21-23. Todd Lucier in his recent post – “Easiest Way to get to the first page of Google Search Results provides an interesting article on video….and its importance now on websites… His post was from a report and insight from Forrester  Blog.
At the 4th annual Online Revealed Canada conference – April 13-15 at Niagara Falls, one session will be devoted to Google and  entitled appropriately – “Everything Google”……


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