Posted by: tourismvc | February 1, 2009

100% Online Marketing in 2009 – Tourism Montreal

100% Online Marketing Campaign

100% Online Marketing Campaign

If there was a major bold statement that came out of Canada E-Connect, it was from Tourism Montreal when it announced in the CTC/PMO/DMO’s view of e-Tourism Strategy session that Tourism Montreal was going 100% with online marketing in 2009. There were a lot of heads turning and many thinking I wish I had their guts to make that decision.

When 87%-92% of visitors are planning, researching and booking online for travel is it all that hard to let go of traditional marketing… Tourism Montreal also indicated that 20% of their online marketing budget is social media and that it takes 80% of their time to manage it.  If I am not mistaken Radian 6 software  tracks their social media campaign and their branding…  We could all learn from Tourism Montreal…

What are you doing in 2009 with online marketing and social media? What is your e-marketing strategy?  Are you ready for Digital marketing ?  Do you have a mobile marketing strategy ?  You should  make 2009 as a learning year for digital and online marketing….it is here now and won’t go away.



  1. Hey there Tom,

    Thanks for the Radian6 shoutout. Actually, I believe Carmen has put together their own home grown tracking dashboard with a Montreal company. However, you are right tourism campaigns and branding can be tracked and measured with Radian6. Plus, similar to answering the 800 numbers many organizations already do, call centers can be listening and engaging with potential visitors expressing their opinions and needs in social media.

    Cheers. David

  2. If it works for them, then great, but the majority of businesses need a mix of product promotion.

  3. Greeting Tom!

    Thank you for the update, we are indeed the ones behind Tourisme Montréal’s tools. Our company is called Hue Web Studio and as David knows, we offer a competitive service, he just does not advertises it too much. =P

    Although our main business activities are related to interactive production (we are setup in 3 countries and work for major international accounts), we also operate a sophisticated monitoring platform since 2006 as part of our R&D division.

    Most of the client who use our monitoring platform have made major budget moves toward interactive activities in the last 2 years.

    If you want to know more about us, just visit our portfolio!


  4. Hi Tom,

    It’s exciting to see a Cape Bretoner with such a great grasp of current marketing tools and technologies and the initiative and know how to to share them with the rest of us.

    Could you please drop me a line? I’d like to discuss your work with Tourism VC and I can’t seem to find contact info for you here or at the TVC site.

    Keep up the great work!


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