Posted by: tourismvc | January 29, 2009

Video Rules at Canada e-Connect

Rob Hughes, Mgr. E-Strategies, Brewster

Rob Hughes, Manager. E-Strategies, Brewster

Canada e-Connect conference clearly showed video must be in your social media and e-marketing plan for your business and destination. Video allows you to showcase the experience and reviews by people on a medium used extensively in the global & connected world.

Rob Hughes, Manager, E-Strategies, Brewster,  in his great presentation VacationsCanada.TV – A Strategic Canadian Business Case at Canada e-Connect, provided some excellent research on the use of video – 1) 563 million video viewers in 2008, to grow to 941 by 2013 (ABI Research), 2) US online video audience to grow to 190 by 2012, 88% of internet user population (e-Marketer), 3) In November 2008, US  internet users viewed 12.7 billion online videos, up more than 33% in 2007 (comScore), 4) Up to 81% travel seekers – videos and photos influence decision (PhoCusWright), and 5) More than 50% of online videos are viewed by demographic s 35 & older (Burst Media).  He also indicated a very successful campaign & great ROI with videos produced…on packaged trips & tours.

Here are some links to some of the excellent videos showned at this conference during the presentations at Canada e-Connect from Jan 21-23.  1)  The World We Live in –    2)   Town of Jasper, Alberta ,  3) Evolution by Dove . One of my favorite video’s not featured is by Terri McCulloch,  a fellow colleague who describes an unique experience “ Not since Moses race  and did a great job producing and starring in her first video.

It was recommended by many presenters to keep the videos under 3 minutes on your website. Amateur videos seemed to be the preference as they were considered more real than professional videos with helicopter & plane shots & actors.   Remember to optimize your videos and tag them.



  1. I agree that user generated content (video) seems to be preferred but I think many forget that good marketing is about a MIX.

    Providing users with a variety of trip planning and research tools in different mediums can increase engagement and conversion.

    I believe users will come to (if they dont’ already) expect and demand higher quality content on the web. I believe they want to see varying viewpoints and representations of a product.

  2. […] benefits of video were clearly presented by Rob Hughes, Director of E-Strategies at Brewster at Canada e-Connect Conference in January, 2009  where he highlighted a video on the Town of Jasper and Icefields Parkway Tour.   The opening […]

  3. […] – A Strategic Canadian Business Case, at Canada E-Connect conference in 2009 provided some very interesting stats on the growth of video. Other stats include 150-200,000 videos uploaded daily on youtube, over 100,000,000 million a year […]

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