Posted by: tourismvc | January 29, 2009

DigiMarketing – The Imperative by Dr. Ian Fenwick

DigiMarketing by Kent Wertime and Ian Fenwick

DigiMarketing by Kent Wertime and Ian Fenwick

Dr. Ian Fenwick, co-author of DigiMarketing, was keynote speaker in Day 1 of the Canada e-Connect conference and did not disappoint the audience.  He began with a quote by Canadian William Gibson – “The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed”.    Marketers lag behind their markets. Their is a big gap in digital marketing.  

His presentation included eight key points – content is liberated, digital devices are unique, a new model for media, targets become participants, customers take control, search become the point of entry, mobile moves fastest and digital stuff stays.

He covered the 4 p’s of DigiMarketing – a) permission – clear opt in, easy opt-out, customer participation in content creation, b) participation – opportunities to review, comment, tag, c) particulars – collect data, drop by drop, build participant profiles,  and d) personalization. create relevant personalization.

Some interesting stats in his presentation – 1) 6.6 billion people in the world – 3.3 billion have mobile phones, 1.4 billion on the internet.  2) Yahoo news has 50% more readership than top 50 newspapers, it is not the news going down but the paper. 3) 66 billion search in the month of Dec. 2007, google 41 billion. 4) Canadian leads in social media – 87% over the age of 15 are member of a social media group, 5) Time Magazine has a readership of 4 million, Paris Hilton’s blog has a readership of 1.7 million. 

Marketers must understand the relationship between privacy vs personalization and offering benefits. People will give up some privacy if they actually see a benefit. For more information on his book and DigiMarketing visited their website.



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