Posted by: tourismvc | January 16, 2009

Tourism Trends 2009 – Part 2 – Online Marketing

2009 will see a significance focus by the tourism industry towards online marketing. e-Strategies will be developed to a) reach target markets, b) interactive media & content – maps, podcasts, video, c) social media campaigns &  networking,  4) better communication with visitors, and 5) tracking  results & ROI with analytics. It will be a hugh learning curve for many in the tourism industry but a necessary one in order to deal with the changes in the global economy and to survive in the next 2-3 years.

Canada will host two major conferences this winter and spring with Tourism Online Marketing . The first one is Canada e- Connect Jan. 21-23  in Toronto and second one the 4th Annual Online Revealed Canada , April 13-15 at Niagara Falls.  Both conferences will play a major role in helping the industry become better educated with Online Marketing, and to prepare & to implement their online strategies for 2009.

Heidi Cohen,  ClickZ, has recently published an excellent article on top 7 Online Marketing Trends for 2009. Briefly she indicates a) increase customer rention efforts, more attractive content, relevancy, better leverage communties, increase analytic sophistication, enhance searching marketing advertising and finally integrate distribution channels.  Another excellent article on Online marketing is by Aaron Kahlow ,”Top 10 for Online Marketing Success in 2009.  He has some excellent points for you to consider for your online marketing campaign this year.

One of the excellent ways to market online is to use video – Watch this short video (45 secs) below by one of the performers at the Celtic Colours International Festival held in October each year on Cape Breton Island.  Using visitors to tell the story or share their experiences is an excellent way of promoting  & reviewing your festival, community, destination etc.


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