Posted by: tourismvc | January 6, 2009

Sports Tourism and Canada Wins Gold at World Juniors

Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance

Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance

The big headline today is Canada wins gold at World Junior Hockey Tournament and why not ? They played a great  game and deserved to win. The World Junior Hockey Tournament was held in Ottawa and broke all previous attendance records. An article in the Winnipeg Free press newspaper by Canadian press indicates the economic impact of the tournment is about $51 million.  Did you know Sports Tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry with approximately $2.4 billion in annual spending according to the Canadian Sports Tourism Alliance.

Sports Tourism includes a) tournaments – region, provincial, national and International, b) sporting events ie. Cabot Trail Relay Run, Ingonish TriathlonTrailShop Loppet/Marathon in Cape North, c) Funding raising events for charities ie.  CIBC Run For Breast Cancer, Labetts Relay Run, and d) Festivals or symposiums ie.   Rossports Sea Kayaking Symposium and 19th Atlantic Canada Sea Kayakers Meeting and Weekend.  All these events require you to stay overnight and spend time and $$$ in communities.  By partnering with organizations and businesses in your community, you can benefit from sport tourism as well.



  1. “Ride The Lobster” was a unique 800km sports event designed specifically to attract tourists and global attention to Nova Scotia 16-20 June 2008. Website hits averaged 27,000 hits per day (peak 31,000 hits) during the event that attracted 140 participants from 12 countries. Teams from several countries were turned down due to funding limitations.

    Not bad for a world first — for an event tagged as “the closest thing to the Tour de France for unicyclists”.

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