Posted by: tourismvc | December 18, 2008

Experience Seekers – Tourism Australia Vol. 1 & 2 Toolkits

Australian Experiences - Aborginial

Australian Experiences - Aborginial

Tourism Australia continues to lead with Innovation with its e-kit and their experiences tookits. Their experience strategy started in 2003 with the Tourism White paper and in 2005 incorporated the Global Experience seeker. In 2007  Australian Experiences Vol. 1 Tookit – “Adding value to your business” (52 pages pdf, 3.72 meg)  was launched and now in 2008 – Vol 2 Australian Experiences toolkit for the tourism industry – “Boosting your bottom line”  (72  pages pdf –    3.3 meg )  was added. 

Experiences Seeker video is an excellent short video ( 3 minutes plus)  that explains the market for this traveller and their characteristics.  Tourism Australia has focused on seven key experiences – Aborginial Australia, Aussie Coastal Lifestyle, Australian Major Cities, Australian Journeys, Food & Wine, Nature in Australia and Outback Australia. Fact sheets have been developed on the above seven key experiences.



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