Posted by: tourismvc | December 3, 2008

Nova Scotia Targeting UK, Atlantic Canada, Niche markets, & Social Media for Visitors in 2009

Nova Scotia's Official Tourism Website

Nova Scotia's Official Tourism Website

The recent Annual Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia conference – November 30 to December 2nd in Halifax, brought out a number of interesting announcements and press releases. Some might be surprises but to others not so. I want to talk about four bullets in this blog post.

1) Nova Scotia is targeting UK more in 2009 and less on US based on visitation. This makes great sense  as UK is holding steady- up three percentage points YTD (2008) and US is down 16 percentage points YTD (2008). You can view CTC Quarterly report on UK.

2) Nova Scotia is refocusing and targeting more marketing dollars on Atlantic Canada in 2009 to attract our visitors closeby. See Bruce Erskine article- Wanted: Atlantic Visitors in Chronicle Herald newspaper. PEI Tourism is making the same move as well.

3) Social media, and the internet will play a bigger role in 2009.  This trend was evident two years ago at national tourism internet marketing conferences like Online Revealed Canada and Canada E-Connect so no surprise here. Your website, social media, new media & the internet will continue to play a major role in competing globally for visitors to your region. 

4) NS invested an extra $2.5 million in marketing niche markets in 2009. Visitors want specific & memorable experiences with their vacations now and you get this with niche markets.

For a free copy of the 2009 Nova Scotia Tourism Plan – you can download the pdf document (3.55meg) here, and the 2009 NS Tourism Partnerships and Programs (1.14 meg – pdf)


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