Posted by: tourismvc | November 17, 2008

Tourism Research Part 2 – Global Tourism Trends

The most connected Rural County in North America with Broadband

The most connected Rural County in North America with Broadband

This is the second post in a series of articles to help the tourism operator plan for the upcoming 2009 tourism season. Tourism competes in a global market and so it is important to understand the Tourism Trends. This article will look at the tourism trends in 2008 and take a sneak preview of what may be expected in 2009.

Trend #1 – The price of fuel had a dramatic impact on auto traffic and airlines in 2008 with decreases in auto traffic as well the introduction of fuel surcharges to your airline ticket. Although the price of fuel is going down it will still have an effect on visitors traffic.

Trend #2 – We are now in recession according to many economists.  Disposible income is less and priorities have change. Expect shorter stays by visitors and closer target markets. PEI tourism is targeting New Brunswick and Nova Scotia next year. Canadian Tourism Commission in its recent article Handling Change in uncertain times – plans to be nimble organization that is flexible and adaptable. Nova Scotia Tourism will be announcing its marketing plan & strategy for 2009 at the Annual TIANS Conference Nov 30-Dec 2, 2008 in Halifax.  

Trend #3 – Trip advisor  in a survey of over 3,000 Americans indicates travellers are getting greener and are expect to visit National parks, hike more and engage in outdoor activities in 2009. In the same survey but of British travellers, the brits are expected to spend more on leisure travel in 2008  This is further evident by an article “Travel Trends for 2009: Going Green  by Jennifer Thomas, The Travel Advocate Blog.

Trend #4 – Experiences rather than geographical location are what travellers are looking for in their vacation. They want activites, and experiences.

Trend #5 – Baby Boomers account for 80% of all travel spending and control 70% of North America’s wealth – Roger Brooks – New Age of Tourism.

Trend# 6 – The internet has level the playing field – competition is now globally. You are competing with the world now. 94% of North America research, plan and book their holidays online.

Trend #7 – Roger Brooks in his presentation ” New Age of Tourism” indicates convenience now rules the travel industry. Baby boomers want itineraries and details available on-line. They want specifics not generic information.



  1. Absolutely agree that Trend# 4 – activities and experiences outweigh geographical location. People want to enjoy themselves thoroughly and take advantage of the range of things to do while on vacation.

    That’s one of the best things that a visitor to Nova Scotia – in particular Victoria County, Cape Breton Island, can sink their teeth into – the culture, the hospitality, the beautiful and scenic surroundings and the multitude of activities to enjoy and explore. I highly recommend that people looking for a place that is welcoming and open – to visit Victoria County, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

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