Posted by: tourismvc | November 9, 2008

2008 Web 2.0 Summit Conference Presentations & Discussions

2008 Web 2.0 Summit

2008 Web 2.0 Summit

The 4th Annual Web 2.0 Summit was held recently in San Francisco, November 5-7 with 3 great days of presentations and discussions, with Al Gore closing the conference. Most of the sessions were video taped and can be seen on Blip.TV or you tube. An amazing line-up of speakers were there and I encourage you to take time over next two weeks to review these great presentations and learn from the speakers.

On the Web 2.0 Summit website you can view the agenda as well video presentations. Some of these presentations included – The Platform Advantage, The Future Web, The Media Business- New Approaches, Edge- Mapping, Edge – Advertising Model, The Future of Music, Technology Trends, the Internet and the Economy The Future of Health, Conversation with Lance Armstrong, Larry Brillant plus more.  You will not regret taking time to view and hear these great presentations.


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