Posted by: tourismvc | November 1, 2008

Roger Brooks Interview – 2008 Cabot Trail Solutions Conference

The keynote speaker at the 2008 Cabot Trail Solutions Tourism Conference was Roger Brooks, CEO, Destination Development Inc., from Seattle Washington.  Mr. Brooks was here to deliver the “The New Age of Tourism” presentation as well discuss his findings and assessment of the Cabot Trail for Tourism Market Readiness.

A couple of statistics he used throughout the day that stayed with me are 1) Baby Boomers born in 1946-1964 account for 80% of visitor spending, 2) 70% of the visitor & local spending is after 6:00 pm. Are you open ? and 3) 75% of all households in US and Canada now have access to the internet and 94% use the internet to decide where they are going on vacation. They are typing in actvities not places. 

Below is my interview with Roger Brooks 



  1. As a website owner for Travel North of Toronto, I would suggest that geography or place, especially in Canada has to be defined along with the experience or activities as mentioned. Variations will occur within domestic visitors VS internternational visitors. Regardless with the www both can be equally used to generate visitor demand or cross referenced to gain market share.

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