Posted by: tourismvc | October 27, 2008

Tourism Tasmania – Building on Visitor Experiences

The tourism industry everywhere is quickly adopting the importance of visitors experiences during their vacation. One of the leaders is Tourism Tasmania in Australia.  Since the Tasmania Industry 21 strategic plan, Tourism Tasmania has continue to move forward on visitor experiences. Tourism Tasmania has focused on three main areas : 1) Tasmania Experience Strategy , 2) Building Visitor Experience  (BVE)Site and 3) the Signature Experience Program.

The Tasmania Experience Strategy focuses on presentation, interpretation and customer engagement. The strategy will also increase bottom line for businesses, more jobs and assist with sustainabilty of natural and cultural assets. This strategy can be download in pdf file format – 668 kb,   

Building Visitor Experiences Site – is an excellent resource to help understand and build visitors experiences. It has some short videos- one on becoming a storyteller, as well sections on – your business, getting hands on, skills development and resources. 

The Signature Experience Program is a pilot development program which helps the tourism industry build the skills and knowledge to deliver the experiences visitors want.  

Vacations are all about engaging experiences, getting to know the locals, and trying new things.  Tourism Tasmania has provided some excellent resources for the tourism industry staff to use and build on for unique visitor experiences.



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