Posted by: tourismvc | October 20, 2008

Tourism e-kit, Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Australia's Tourism e-kit

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse


Recently, I came across a blog article – “Finally – Online Marketing Guide and help for our tourism operators” by Fabienne Rabbiosi, who writes a Blog called Online Marketing Tips for Tourism Businesses. The Tourism e-kit is produced by Australian Tourism Data warehouse (ATDW) and is an initiative of the National Online Strategy Committee and is funded by Australian state & Territory Tourism Offices.

The tourism e-kit is a document of 37 tutorials that take about 25 minutes or less to read each one.  You can download it free from the Austrlian Tourism Data Warehouse website in a pdf format – the whole document is 6.62 meg. or you can download each section individually. Lots of great topics and easy to read and follow. This kit is less than a month old and features alot of great new content including PPC (pay per click),  blogging, social media, search engine optimization, customer reviews and so much more. All useful tools to help you plan and implement your e-marketing strategy and getting business on-line.

Todd Lucier, Tourism Keys, recently interviewed Fabienne Rabbiosi, Online Marketing Marketing Services for the Tourism Industry in an audio podcast. It is about 10 minutes long but well worth listening and hearing the Canuck  and Aussie talked about the new tourism e-kit and tourism e-marketing. Enjoy.



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