Posted by: tourismvc | September 30, 2008

Web Analytics – An Important Tool in Measuring Success

A free tool to measure your website visits

A free tool to measure your website visits

I love using Google Web Analytics program in measuring the success of my online marketing program.  For example, I am a volunteer chair for Hike the Highlands Festival and by using the Google Analytic program I was able to find out the following information on our website-

1) Visits to the Hike the Highlands Festival Website double from last year
2) I know my top referrers to the web site and what links are working for me.
3) I know the location of visitors to the website
4) I know the keywords they are using to find the website
5) I know the results of my google adwords campaign ie. number of impressions and clicks
6) I know the top pages of the website they are visiting
7) The content they are looking for during their visit.

Well you get the point… This is an amazing statistical tool that is free from Google.  Google has lots of other tools and all you have to do is sign up for an account – basically an e-mail address with google.  Your webmaster can put in some code on your home page and you are ready to start getting information on your visitors.


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