Posted by: tourismvc | August 29, 2008

Visitors to Nova Scotia Down 13% in July

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Nova Scotia Tourism

Just before labour Day weekend, Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture & Heritage Dept. announced the tourism statistics for month of July and there are a number of very scary numbers – Visitors down 13%  in July (equals 40,000 visitors ), US visitors down 15% YTD, visitors from rest of  Canada down 3%  YTD with the exception of Western Canada, Rooms sold down 3%,  Air & Auto Visitors down 12%,  Visits to website down 11%, Literature requests down 36%, Check In reservations down – 33%.  Add yesterday news, Zoom Airlines ceases operation in Canada and UK and it is not a great way to welcome in the September Labour Day weekend.

Certainly, the price of fuel is making an impact on automobile and air traffic. The fuel surcharge on the airline ticket is more expensive now then the airline flight. The weather hasn’t been helping us either with the tremendous amount of rain Nova Scotia has been receiving in July and August. I am sure there are a number of other factors and reasons for the decine in tourism ie. the US economy, less discretionary income, competing in a global marketplace, less marketing dollars, costs of vacations and more.

There has been a few positive tourism numbers – visitors from Western Canada up 7%  YTD,  and European visitors up 5% YTD and cruise ships visitors numbers up in Halifax and Sydney. Hopefully, the months of September and October will help bring tourism numbers up in Nova Scotia.


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