Posted by: tourismvc | August 17, 2008

Launch of the 100th Anniversary Celebrations of the Flight of Silver Dart

Village of Baddeck, birthplace of Canadian Aviation

Village of Baddeck, birthplace of Canadian Aviation

On Friday, August 15, the Silver Dart Centennial Association officially launched its 100th anniversary Celebrations at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck, NS. Mr. Donnie MacAulay, Vice – chairman, Silver Dart Centennial Association , and chair of the events committee announced the big week of events will be held between February 20-24, 2009. However their will be other events hosted throughout the year by the association and its partners to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Flight of the Silver Dart, the first flight in the British Empire.  The commemorative poster was unveiled by Bruce Morrison, Chair of the Legacy Committee and Ms. Joan Sullivan, great granddaughter of Alexander Graham Bell at the media launch. The official website of the 100th anniversary celebrations was reviewed and launched during the press conference.  Please find below a few pictures of the media launch.



  1. Hi there,I was pleased to find this site.Being born and raised in North River,I was one of many who attended the Fiftieth aniversary in 1959.It was an event I have always remembered.Boy was it cold that day.
    I now live in Toronto and go home every year.My next trip will be centered around the festivities.
    Wishing You The Best,

  2. It was interesting to see your site. My father who will be 84 in April was a member of the Airforce crew in 1959 when the 50th anniversary flight took place. He was in the ME section which maintained the airfields and took care of the heavy equipment that cleared the runway. He has a lot of memorabilia from that day including some wonderful personal photos. He is probably one of the few members of that crew who are not deceased.

  3. my father was at the 50th anniversary probably with the airforce i have some pictures of the event and the repucila silver dart .my father started flying at the sidney flying club in the 30ths doing mercy flights to barnstorming to joining the airforce during the war.It is to bad there will be no runway on the lake as i would love to make a landing with my 1947 vintage cessna 120 50 years after my father being there Bob Donovan

  4. About 10 years ago I built a 1/12 scale R/C flying model of the Silver Dart. When colleagues commented that the model belonged in a museum I donated it to the Glenn Curtiss museum in Hanmmondsport, NY, where it is on display. I have photos of the model and a short movie of it flying, which I can send you if you are interested.

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