Posted by: tourismvc | August 8, 2008 – Two Great New Features

Share Your favourite Places in Nova Scotia Blog

Share Your favourite Places in Nova Scotia Blog

There are two great new features on website.  They are 1) Share your favorite places in Nova Scotia and 2) a new culture section where visitors can search for music, theatre and fine arts & crafts.

Favourite places in Nova Scotia is a section on the provincial tourism website where visitors and locals can write & share their experiences and memories of a favorite place in Nova Scotia. You can also add a small photo to your write-up.  This is a travel blog where you encourage visitors to interact on your website. One of the first pioneers of this technology was hellobc website, provincial tourism website for province of British Columbia, that encouraged visitors to write tips from Travellers.  Nova Scotia is the next one.

The second new feature is a culture section where visitors can search and find out what  music is playing in communities they are visiting, what plays are being performed and do they have any fine arts & crafts shops I can purchased items from. This is a great way to promote and experience culture in your community and province. Thanks for Joella Foulds, Celtic Colours International Festival and co-chair with Ron MacInnis of Nova Scotia’s Cultural Tourism Advisory Committee for informing me of this great new feature.

Both are new features that require content which will come in time but two of the best features you want on your provincial tourism website as well your local and regional destination tourism websites. Congratulations to Nova Scotia Tourism for two great new initiatives.



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    Thanks for your feedback on the recent additions to


  2. thank u

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