Posted by: tourismvc | July 18, 2008

Maps Leading the Way in Top 20 US Travel Websites

Recently,  Hitwise Monthly Category Report for  Travel was released based on US Internet usuage for the month of June 2008. Leading the way in the top 4 were Mapquest, Google Maps, Expedia, and Yahoo Maps. In the last 4 months the above websites have remain constant in their positions.

Maps are becoming increasing important on websites as they provide useful information on how to find your business as well services nearby. You can include photos, videos, reviews and much more on your map. Maps are also high in search engine listings as well. Usually in the search, map(s) will be listed in first page of your search.

Visit Victoria County website has being using maps on its website for the last 3 years and has most of Victoria County businesses with GPS positions. Try the Interactive Map on Visit Victoria County website.



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