Posted by: tourismvc | July 6, 2008

Victoria County’s Newest Tourism Attraction

Suprising Victoria County’s newest tourism attraction is getting lots of headlines and attention.  I am talking about the new Englishtown Ferry -Tourquil MacLean . It’s new look, high sides, smooth running engine, more room, is getting lots of people chatting about it and crossing on the new ferry. I would expect visitors numbers will increase in the tourism season compared to past years.  The new ferry can hold two more cars, easier loading, and more space makes this so much different from the last ferry. Take a look at the pictures.

So who was the first car on the ferry – It was retired CBC personality – Bill Doyle from Sydney with his wife and mother-inlaw. Rollie & Bonnie Thornhill were in the second car. My first ride reminded me of going across on the new PEI Ferry – Confederation.  Bigger boat and so much nicer. The only thing different our new cable ferry – Tourquil MacLean only takes 5 minutes to cross while the Confederation ferry  takes 75 minutes. So when you travel around the Cabot Trail next time – try out our new ferry and enjoy the ride.


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