Posted by: tourismvc | June 23, 2008

Ride the Lobster – An Exceptional Experience, A Look Back

I have been writing alot about experiences lately in the travel industry and the importance of providing visitors with several during their vacation.  Well this past week, I had the opportunity to be a part of unique experience :  Ride the Lobster, the world’s longest unicycle race – 800 kms from one end of Nova Scotia to the other – Yarmouth to Baddeck.  

I helped co-ordinate with my partners Stage 5 of the race – Cape Breton Island and also helped out with three demonstrations and the finish in Baddeck. It was a hectic week but everyone was looking forward to their arrival on June 20.  The Condor demo team was awesome and wow the audience with some of their great moves. All four were world champions in their discpline. Then came the riders in the race passing by us with some going as fast as 45 kms.  They are amazing athletes who pedal unicycles with 36′ wheels, some with gears and some with brakes. The riders finished in Baddeck between 5:30 pm. – 9:30 pm.  They were fed at Greenwood United Church and later enjoyed a celidh at Gaelic College, St. Anns where they resided for the evening.

My highlight of the whole event was the awards ceremony. Usually ceremonies can be long and boring but not this one.  You could feel the emotion in the room right from the start. I don’t recall ever seeing so many standing ovations for riders and race officials. The camarderie of the riders was amazing and over the last 5 days many got a chance to know each other. The stories of sportmanship and others helping teams with equipment were exceptional.  Ride the Lobster certainly touched many people and an experience many will not forget.

I had the opportunity to interview Edward Wedler, Chair of the Ride the Lobster Racing Society after the awards ceremony. 


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