Posted by: tourismvc | June 22, 2008

Ride the Lobster- An interview with Sam Wakeling

Recently, I had the the opportunity and pleasure to interview Sam Wakeling, a unicyclist and a member of team Smile at Ride the Lobster race, the world’s longest unicycle race, June 16-20 in Nova Scotia. Sam is the world recorder holder for most kms in 24 hrs with 450kms. Sam is a graduate or soon to be in Computer  Science at Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, Wales.  You pronounce it “abba-WRIST-with”.

He is an exceptional young man, well spoken, educated and very at ease during interviews. He has his own blog, and is a great photographer – his photos can be seen on Flickr .  Sam had high praise for the Ride the Lobster event,  the people of Nova Scotia and the province. His team finished in 5th place.

 The title of the podcast below is “A Special  Place for Special people”. 


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