Posted by: tourismvc | June 14, 2008

Ride the Lobster – New & Social Media at its Best

                                                                                                                                                                      Ride the Lobster – the world’s longest unicycle race, 800 kms from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Baddeck, Nova Scotia, June 16-20,  will  feature more technology than any other event held in Nova Scotia. 

You will see new and social media at its best and traditional media trying to make an impact. Blogs, podcasts, videos, GPS, google maps, text messaging, facebook, are all going to be busy during the race and afterwards.  Festivals & events 2.0 is the wave of the future.

Picture to the left is Sam Wakeling, Wales, the world record holder for most kms by unicyclist in 24 hrs – 450 kms.  He is on Team Smile, one of 35 teams entered in this international race featuring 13 countries.

All the latest technology using new media and social media will be used to promote and provide updates & reports each day of the race.  Britech Information Systems will be providing the technology to provide live results using GPS technology and google maps. This technology will be able to track how each team is doing throughout the race.  





  1. […] June 20th, Ride the Lobster will stroll , or should I say roll , into town ending an 800 kilometer unicycle race from Yarmouth […]

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