Posted by: tourismvc | May 30, 2008

Cabot Trail Relay Run – An Unique Experience

This past weekend, 1000 plus runners on 66 teams ran a relay race of 17 legs ranging from 12.36 km to 20 km around the Cabot Trail. They started at 7:00 am. on Saturday morning and ran all through the night and finished the next morning. This event concluded with a lobster or steak dinner.  Teams came from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland & Labrador, Maine and of course Nova Scotia.  For many communities around the Cabot Trail, this event kicks off the tourism season.

This is the twenty-first year this event has been hosted and the waiting list continues to grow each year for the opportunity to run in this unique event. What keeps them coming back each year – The Cabot Trail Relay Run is an authentic experience. It is a special and memorable event. Some runners run more than one leg, some even did six legs this year. Wow.  It is about comrade, team work, the incredible scenery of the Cabot Trail, the challenge of going up as well down the mountains, the souvenir t-shirt that says you did it, the lobster dinner and much more. 

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Below are some photos of runners from leg 4 of the Cabot Trail Relay Run.


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