Posted by: tourismvc | May 7, 2008

Nova Scotia’s 2nd Annual Tourism Research Symposium

It was a day of recapping the 2007 tourism season, with Karen McNutt and Stephen Coyle, Research Division, NS Tourism , Culture & Heritage. A look at the 2008 Tourism season and what it could be by Lee Ann Crouse, Research Division, and an interesting look ahead to the next decade, by Nancy Chesworth, MSVU.  Quizzes such as research jeopardy and a chance to beat the research staff kept our minds sharp and focused. Stephen Coyle provide us with a follow-up to 1st Tourism Symposium and 2008 Research Plan.  Sue Mathieu provided symposium participants with the accommodation sector insights. The day ended with highlights of the accommodation satisifaction research program with Margaret Brigley, John Meehan, and Tanya Poulton, NS Tourism Vision.  An excellent day of research, statistics, data and discussion. Congratulations to the research team with the tourism division and to the moderator, Margaret Brigley for a job well done.  I look forward to next year’s symposium.  Presentations will be posted  on the Tourism Insights in the near future. Look under the report section. 


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