Posted by: tourismvc | March 16, 2008

It is all about Experiences

Experiences - A Toolkit for Partners of Canadian Tourism Commission

The 2008 Travel Guides for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are all about experiences that visitors can enjoy.  Just recently, CTC  released its latest publication – Experiences – A toolkit for partners of Canadian Tourism Comission. Parks Canada are beginning to use Explorer Quotient (EQ) – that uses a survey and builds a link a between social values and travel behaviours and preferences. Last year, the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck piloted the EQ system.  So what does this all mean? Well you need to develop an e-marketing strategy that empraces experiences and provide the appropriate content on your web site and web 2.0 tools to attract visitors .  Your content should include exeperiences visitors can enjoy in your community and surrounding areas as well travel itineraries. If you want them to stay overnight, you need at least 4 hours of activities to keep them in the area.

Your web site should also include pictures of people enjoying activities, a video if possible and include a travel blog. In short your web site needs to highlight & show experiences. Use your travel blog to talk about upcoming festivals and events, experiences & activities hat visitors can enjoy in your community and surrounding areas. Use the CTC – Experiences toolkit  to help develop your e-marketing strategy and implement this in the upcoming tourism season. Remenber to track your results.


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