Posted by: tourismvc | January 13, 2008

Tourism Trends 2008

Since I came back from the holidays, I have had the opportunity to review many articles on Tourism Trends for 2008.  Here are my favorites : 1) Seven top online marketing trends for 2008,  2) Social media marketing trends in hospitality, 3) Content-rich media trumps traveller reviews, 4) Three trends that will shape digital in 2008, 5) Travel 2.0’s impact on CRM, 6) Travelocity CTO: Barry Vandevier – Travelocity flies into the Web 2.0 era (video), 7) TripAdvisor’s US travel outlook for 2008, and 8) THE PHOCUSWRIGHT TRAVEL 2.0 CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY SURVEY .

The above articles show the importance of social media and web 2.0 growing in 2008, travellers doing more research online visiting 2-5 sites with active travellers visiting six or more sites, the importance of traveler reviews , and rich media ( photos, on-line maps and video) becoming more important than traveler reviews in 2008.


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