Posted by: tourismvc | December 3, 2007

Flock – New Social Web Browser

Flock Browser

A friend & collegue of mine, Gerard MacNeil, recently sent me the link to Flock, a new social web browser. The link takes you to PC World where you can download the browser.  After downloading and installing the browser on my computer you begin to see how different this browser is and how unique. It connects seamlessly with Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, blogging and more.  It is well worth a look and highly recommend you to try it out.



  1. Thank you very much to you for this advice.
    I have visited the brownser Flock and I have liked it very much.
    I’m going to use it, it is very good!!!
    I think that it has connect with other websites that are very interesting.

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