Posted by: tourismvc | October 4, 2007

Hike the Highlands Festival and Web 2.0

Hike the Highlands Festival

The success of the recent Hike the Highlands Festival Sept. 14-23, 2007 reinforced to me the importance of using the tools of the web 2.0 .  As chair of the festival,  I witnessed first hand what new media and social media could do with a very limited marketing budget. I also believed it was time to move from traditional marketing more into e-marketing.  The Hike the Highlands Festival went from 70/30 in traditional/e-marketing to 40/60. 

What did the festival use ? – a blog, adwords and pay per click,  new media – podcasts, video, slideshows, SEO, Google Analytics, Wiki, google maps,  and e-mail marketing director for newsletters. All played important role in the success of the festival along with a newly designed web site that used keywords, SEO and encourage people to visit the interior pages.  The festival was able to better communicate with hikers and with a bigger audience.

The results were the festival was able to almost match the same numbers as last years festival despite a major decrease in marketing budgets of $25,000. We were also successful in attracting new numbers  with evening presentations and our opening & closing ceremonies.

Many thanks to my project team – Moving Forward with New Media – Gerard, Kimberley and Bob for their guideance & patience,  and my mentors & collegues- Patricia Brusha and Alicia Whalen, Jens Thraenhart and Todd Lucier‘s blog. 


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