Posted by: tourismvc | August 17, 2007

Ride the Lobster – June 16-20, 2008

Edward Wedler

I am sure many of you are wondering about the title of this post. To cut to the chase – Ride the Lobster is the world’s longest unicycle race – 5 stages over 800 km.  It will start in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and end in Cape Breton.  Seventeen countries and 120 riders will compete in this unique event.. The event will take place from June 16-20, 2008. Amazing enough unicycles will average 20-25 km an hour. The riders must qualify in 2007 in order to compete at this event in 2008.

Edward Wedler, one of the organizers of this event was recently here in Cape Breton, and I had the opportunity to meet him and his wife, Ann, at the Lobster Galley at St. Ann’s along with Jean and Jack Thiele for lunch and a presentation.  We were treated to “the Lobster Explosion dish” at Lobster Galley. Highly recommended. 

Edward indicated riders will have GPS units on to track them and their teams throughout the race. Their positions will be posted on Google Earth. A filming crew will be accompanying the riders throughout the race and the day’s stage summary will be posted on YouTube.  Edward’s presentation held my interest throughout and his event will fit nicely with next season festival & events – Lobster Palooza Festival and Village of Baddeck – Centennial celebrations on Cape Breton Island.

Their will be a Cape Breton Kitchen Party to officially launch the “Ride with The Lobster” event on Saturday, September 15th at Lobster Galley Restaurant at 6:00 pm featuring Joe Kurmaskie – “The Metal Cowboy” & other Cape Breton Entertainment. Tickets are $25.00 person that includes mussels, beer/drink ticket, cover charge, gratuities & taxes and support for Ride with the Lobster and $55.00 that includes lobster seafood meal, cover charge, beer/drink ticket, gratuities, taxes and support for the Ride the Lobster evenet For tickets and directions contact the Lobster Galley 1-902-295-3100 or email –



  1. It’s nice for Ride The Lobster (RTL) to be recognized on a Nova Scotia Blog.

    Anne and I were excited to have visited Cape Breton. Our visit had a great influence on our thinking on the last Stage of this race. The RTL team is working to select the start and end towns for each of the five stages of the race. We want to finalize our choices by end-September so the towns involved can prepare. Yarmouth and Annapolis Royal, for example, are pairing for a successful Evengeline Stage One. Perhaps Baddeck would be interested to co-sponsor, with Port Hawkesbury, the final Stage of Ride The Lobster — the toughest stage in this 800km unicycle race — Friday 20th June 2008, and take advantage of 300+ tourists for the weekend that follows.

    Race details and sponsor details are posted on the web at

    Come to the kitchen party in St. Ann’s this 15th September and join in on the media kick-off celebrations.

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