Posted by: tourismvc | July 7, 2007

Travel Blogs & More … Will be the Norm soon

Canada Keep ExploringSeveral provinces and DMO’s are looking at Travel Blogs to assist people in planning their vacations. Travel Blogs are about listening to other travellers tips & reviews. Many of us are familiar with Trip advisor.  Todd Lucier wrote that Americans Trust Travel Reviews more than Official info. One third of Americans who plan trips on-line read travel reviews by fellow travellers according to Forrester Research.  The first province in Canada to have a travel blog is British Columbia. Hello BC travel blog is broken down into three sections – tips from travellers, tips from BC Tourism and podcasts.

Canadian Tourism Commission has a travel blog    that features Places to Go, Things to Do, Things to know and Maps. Not alot of  Nova Scotia content yet, mostly Halifax info and none on Cape Breton Island. Here is your chance to change it now.

Australia has a new site called myaussievacation  and the Australia Travel Wiki site. Both sites encourage people to be interactive and the WIKI to read & write reviews.  Real Travel site is the  travel guide & trip planner powered by advice from real travelers. This site is rated as one of the twelve essentials sites by Forbes and best of web for Trip Planning By Business Week. It has alot to offer including free trip planner, free travel blog, travel reviews & deals, things to do  and so much more.  

Travel Blogs are here to stay and are important tool for travellers in planning their vacations.



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