Posted by: tourismvc | June 9, 2007

Search Engine Optimization (SE0) – Two Free Tools for Your Web Site

Victoria County - Naturally ConnectedTwo of the most impressive tools out there for search engine optimization is Market Leap and the new version of Google Analytics. Both are free, easy to use, and provide you with amazing information on your web site.  Market Leap provides you with Link Popularity Check, Search Engine Saturation and Keyword Vertification.  Market Leap provides you with option that allows you to compare your web site with your competitors and other sites.

Google Analytics requires you to setup an account – best to get a gmail e-mail address and once done allows you into the tool. You then must copy the code and insert it into your web pages before body in the code. Wait a day or two to get it setup and then you are receiving data.  Google Analytics tool provides you information in four main categories – Visitors, Traffic Sources, Content, Goals.  Dashboard provides you with a summary.  How much information can you get ? I received from 39-45 pages of information. You can print it off or not, your choice.

To quote my professors in E-Marketing, Patricia Brusha and Alicia Whalen, “it is all about keywords and relevancy” if we are to optimize our web site for search engines.  



  1. Nicely put Tom! Good to see such an active Blog – love it! We missed you at the Online Revealed Conference – but the good news is that we are planning a regional show in Halifax!
    I will post details soon – stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for your comments Alicia….Great to hear you are coming to Halifax soon. I look forward to receiving the details soon. I will post on blog.

  3. Alicia,

    It will be great to have the Couple of Chicks back in Nova Scotia. Look forward to getting the details of your visit and event. As well to keep learning from the Professors on SEO, Keywords and Relevancy.

    Best regards,


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