Posted by: tourismvc | April 24, 2007

Social Media Making a Difference

Victoria County New LogoSocial Media (Social Communities) is making an impact on travel and many visitors are checking out tripadvisor and other sites such as Tourism BC Blogs before deciding on a destination, accommodations and packages. As Jen Thraenhart, CTC, said in his recent blog post (Social Media and Travel),  social media is a shift from traditional word of mouth to the web.  And yes it is making a difference, by sending people to their travel web sites from another route as well optimizing  search engines.

In another matter, yours truly, after his first week with this blog, made Google search pages 1, 3 and 5.  Key words and hyperlinks do make a difference – thanks Patricia and Alicia and of course relevancy. Hard to go wrong with two great teachers. Enjoy their Nova Scotia podcast and comments on their Growing Your Business with E-Marketing workshop at Gaelic College, St. Ann’s in Victoria County, Cape Breton Island.



  1. Great to see things taking off Tom! Keep up the good work – can’t wait to hear about the next great case study!
    …The Chicks

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